Sunday, 30 March 2008

Hi from Beijing

The Sunday meeting has just finished here at CBD (Central Business District) close to Tiananmen Sq. Wow, what great worship! Around 200 people from a variety of nations, led by James from Singapore. Angie & I landed yesterday and were warmly received by the church family, many of whom have become dear friends (Great to be with Byron & Karen again!). I preached this morning from Philippians ch2, those wonderful words that speak of Christ emptying himself, becoming a servant etc under the headings ‘Focus on Christ, Fellowship with the Spirit’ and for the next two evenings I’m going to be teaching on the Holy Spirit and his gifts. What a privilege! What possibilities – Do pray for us!

The church is meeting in their new venue, ‘Crosspoint’ which is a coffee shop / internet café / conference facility right here in the city centre. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s a mini Kings Norwich, planned on the same lines - with a bit of encouragement from me!

Right now I’m in a meeting of the Servant Leadership Team. What a great name for a leadership team! I am impressed by the passion and commitment with which these guys serve. The church here has a big mission! The whole world is coming to Beijing – please pray that Angie & I will be an encouragement to them, and that God would give His strategy for His church here! More in a few days...



Monday, 10 March 2008

Welcome to Goff’s Blog…

If I ever get round to writing a book, the title will be ‘Enjoying the Journey’ because I am convinced that this is a thoroughly appropriate and biblical approach to the Christian’s life. Why? Because a fundamental aspect of this great salvation is that God has purposed and promised to lavish grace on our lives in a measure that is more than equal to the demands of the moment so that we don’t just endure but enjoy the journey. That’s how Paul managed to sing in prison after enduring beatings, and that’s why Hebrew 12:15 urges us not to fail obtain the grace of God. So every day, every moment, I want to draw on God’s amazing grace that is there for the taking so that I can continue to enjoy the journey.

Speaking of journeys, that’s my main reason for starting a ‘blog’, as a way of keeping family & friends at Kings and beyond up to date with my goings-on, especially when I’m on the move. Over the next few weeks I shall be traveling quite a bit, starting off with a visit to Beijing just after Easter. I look forward to keeping you posted – and hopefully enlisting your prayers in the process!