Sunday, 6 April 2008

God on the move!

We’ve just finished a weekend retreat with the CBD church family celebrating its 1st year anniversary at a holiday place an hour out of Beijing (think of a mini Chinese version of Centre Parcs, add a good dose of imagination, rice & chopsticks, and you’ll come close!).

What an amazing time! It was an absolute delight to be there with this church family, many of whom have now become very dear friends. We had a lot of fun, great worship, and I got to do the teaching sessions on the theme: ‘God on the Move’, from the Book of Acts.

It was so good to witness the zeal and enthusiasm of this new church, and to play a small part in encouraging them in their very strategic mission in the heart of Beijing.

Our thanks to good friends Byron & Karen, Cecil & Candy, Ngee Khoon & Mei Lin for inviting us, and to the whole church family at CBD for receiving us so warmly!

And Kings – see you in a day or two!

Goff & Angie